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     Coupled with a love for animals, our tropical environment, and the undersea world Michael has created works that have been inspired by the Caribbean but can reach global audiences through the beauty an imagination captured in each painting. Michael hopes that through the beauty of his paintings he might help save some of our planets endangered species and habitats by enabling people to have this beauty in their homes and to create more awareness of their surroundings and the delicate balance that we live with our environment.

     Michael contributes artwork to many non-profit charities and auctions. His artwork generates a lot of excitement at all the shows/events he displays in.

     Michael makes a conscious effort to save and protect our natural environment and to further this commitment he donates a portion of each paintings sale is to help preserve our planets natural beauty. Previous donations include Save the Manatee Club to adopt Doc and Flash, The World Wildlife Fund to adopt the following animals: Polar Bear, Giant Panda, Emperor Penguin, Clown Fish, Brown Pelican and Macaw, as well as donations of food and supplies to the Florida Keys S.P.C.A. Michael also has a membership with the National Park Service, Reef Relief, and the World Wildlife Fund.








▲  My "Toucan" oil Painting is featured on this auction postcard




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▲  Posing with one of my auction donations